Every business owner knows that we are in a recession, and the financial markets are changing from day-to-day. And yet, the world of commerce must go forward. Small, mid-size and large businesses continue to require office furnishings for their companies. However, now more than ever, they understand the wisdom of buying smartly. That means getting the very best quality office furniture at the best prices—freeing up the budget for other essential needs.

In this market, that means buying Used Office furniture. If purchased from a dealer that obtains his product from the best companies in the country, purchasers have the advantage of getting furniture that is from the best names in the office furniture world for bargain prices—most times 90% off the original costs. The end user can acquire furniture he or she can be proud, making their offices a showplace. www.usedofficefurniture-nj.com

Blue chip companies offer their furniture to liquidators for a variety of reasons, but not because there is anything wrong with it. Most times these big companies simply want to re-design their offices or they are about to move. In the latter case, they rarely move their furniture because it is too costly, especially in New York. That is when that high-end product becomes available to the used office furniture dealers who purchase it for resale.

Once known as chip-and-dent warehouses, the used office furniture arena is now the opposite. Companies of all sizes seek out the used products because they know it is the best on the market—far superior to the new products that are coming out of China for the same price. Most used office furniture was produced in America—from our most renowned furniture makers. That same fine furniture is now in the used office furniture market, but they are unmatched in quality and elegance. Why buy new?

When you set your mind to buying in the used market, there is one caveat: know the source of your furniture. Every piece of furniture offered used has a “story” attached to it. Ask the dealer the furniture brand and where it came from, and you will know the quality of your purchase. Remember, any reputable dealer has good product at good prices—and in quantity. That means you will be able to outfit entire offices—and get additional bulk discounts for purchasing quantity.

It’s a win situation all around—but most of all, you will have an office from reception and conference areas through individual offices fitted out with elegance, sophistication and style within your company’s budget. www.usedofficefurniture-nj.com

Oh, let’s add one more advantage to buying used: you get to have a GREEN office environment too.


The first thing anyone notices when he or she walks into a company is the reception area. The second is its conference room. These are the two areas where clients, both new and old, conduct the majority of business: and these are the two areas in any office space that are intended to have the greatest impact.

These areas are the corporate “face” of your company. They speak without words, but convey volumes. This is your firm’s opportunity to give the best possible first impression. It’s the equivalent of what “curb appeal” is to home buying or what a fine wardrobe is to job hunting. It’s the ultimate dress for success. Nothing is more damaging to a company’s image than projecting the wrong message: everyone wants to look successful.

The office you create should convey a unified décor and ambiance, projecting an orderly business environment that is well thought out. This is much like what you want your clients to know about your overall business approach: professional and well thought out. Orderly mental processes beget organized and orderly surroundings. It’s subliminal, but it’s critically important.

Here are some thoughts to ponder:

□ Start by finding a top-notch used office furniture professional: one that is very active in the best office furniture liquidation markets and obtains its product from the best sources. For example, a select few liquidate furniture from fortune 500 companies in New York that spend an extraordinary amount of time making their own reception and conference areas showcases for the same reasons stated here. Those corporate giants buy the very best, so, in turn, you have the opportunity to buy that elite product at one-quarter of the price. The quality and price are unmatched and the furniture is ready to be moved right into your space, untouched. That means, know what you are buying and it will be a win-win proposition. www.usedofficefurniturenj.net

□ Most professional used office furniture people have available the service of a space planner or designer at no cost or at very little cost. The results you achieve from getting this kind of expert advice can not be overestimated. You will get the office you’ve always wanted: one for which you can be proud. In addition, besides being attractive, your office will be functional and efficient.

□ If you put emphasis on these two up-front office areas and keep them close to each other, you won’t have to drag clients through everyone’s work areas to get to where client meetings take place. If you don’t have to do that, you can have a more utilitarian approach to the rest of the office space that the public doesn’t see. You can use the rest of your space as a back-office area and save a great deal of money overall in your decorating costs.

In the final analysis, it demonstrates corporate wisdom to put particular emphasis on the reception and conference room areas of any company. It is also wise and prudent to obtain office furnishings from the best used office furniture sources at the best cost. www.usedofficefurniture-nj.com


There are more reasons to buy used office furniture, nowadays, than there are not to do so. Here are just a few compelling ones:

Money Savings: The present constraints of our economic climate dictate that companies find significant ways to trim the bottom line to survive and thrive. One of the best and easiest ways is to make a real dent in your firm’s office furniture budget, is to buy pre-owned or used office furniture. The costs are ordinarily one-quarter to a third less than new.

Better Quality: More often-than-not, the quality of the furniture itself is of higher quality. Since the better wholesale establishments buy from large corporations, their furnishings were top-of-the-line items—unmatched by any new products available at the same cost. The source of their liquidations emanate from fortune 500 companies in New York City, and have the beauty and durability to last the test of time. www.usedofficefurniturenj.net. Much of the new furniture available on the market at this time comes from overseas. It lacks quality and the workmanship that existing, high-end furnishings available in the pre-owned market. All-in-all, there is no comparison. In addition, the competition from these overseas products drives the cost of used office furniture even lower, making it highly desirable.

Availability: Do you need your furniture right now? Most companies can’t wait weeks. Pre-owned/used office furniture is ready for delivery right now. There is an abundance of product with the depth and quantity you need to fit any size corporate need—and at a moment’s notice. Many times whole floors of matching desks, cubicles, chairs, conference tables are available to move right into your space. On the other hand, if you have a bit of time, you can compile a “wish list” and your wholesale dealer can “shop” for your specific needs ahead of time. In either case—YOU WIN by getting the best price in the market.

A Buyer’s Market: The advent of the internet has provided the average small, medium and large company ready access to used office product. All that one needs to do is locate a reputable wholesale dealer on line to find what you need. It’s as easy as that. www.usedofficefurniturenj.net

The Environment: Saving the environment is a big added bonus. What company doesn’t want to comply with GREEN policies? Used office furniture is recycled, so it is completely green compliant. This particularly important for LEEDS buildings. It means that everything, right down to the furnishings, complies. That delivers a consistent and strong corporate message of your firm’s commitment to the environment. Purchasing green, used and pre-owned office furniture is a win-win proposition for your company and society. It’s the right thing to do.

In the end, all these aspects add up to what is so attractive on so many levels about used office furniture. It is hard to imagine why anyone would decline the opportunity to benefit their company and the environment too. www.usedofficefurniture-nj.com

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Flexibility—therein lies the essence of why cubicles have gained the widespread popularity they have. What company doesn’t want to be able to custom fit its needs for employee comfort and work efficiency into an inviting environment? At the same time, however, every employer also needs to watch the budget and keep costs down. Cubicles or workstations, as they are sometimes called, accomplish both—they make the employer and the employee happy. www.usedofficecubiclesnj.com

If your business has changed—and whose hasn’t been refashioned in some way in today’s economy—you may be “stuck” with a work environment that just doesn’t lend itself to what you do now and how you work. Perhaps you’ve moved into a space that has furniture designed for an entirely different business, making it hard to adapt and function properly.

Clearly, productivity rests on the functionality of the office and the comfort of the employees. Do your employees require quiet for paperwork? Do they need to collaborate to be efficient? Do they rely on privacy? All of these requirements can be met by cubicles because cubicles are completely adjustable to any specific need. Therefore, it is easy to design for your >needs—and also to change things if those needs change. That flexibility is key to the popularity of cubicles.

In addition, because of the simplicity of cubicles, every imaginable set up is possible. If your employee only needs a small desk with a computer and a few shelves and filing trays, this is easily done. (for example real estate offices or call centers.) If some employees need larger office spaces, that can be done too by wrapping cubicle furniture and creating a conference area within a larger, more versatile office space with higher walls.

In addition, it is possible to be completely responsive to the needs of employees with disabilities. That means an employer need not struggle to meet the requirements to accommodate these workers. It eliminates the awkwardness of trying to force these employees to make due with the standard office desk model. A cubicle becomes a custom fit for them and gets rid of the added expense employers once incurred attempting to accommodate disabled workers. In the end, everyone is pleased with the result.

When it comes to overall cost, cubicles win all the way around. The expense of a build-out for a traditional office can be prohibitive. The project usually entails tearing down walls and erecting new ones and a complete office redesign. It can be a massive expenditure of time and money. Cubicles do away with this process almost entirely.

Besides the allure of being much less expensive in general, used office cubicles have walls designed to be disassembled and reassembled quickly and cubicle furniture is easily adjusted. By designing properly, a cubicle professional www.usedofficecubiclesnj.com can make your existing space one that will accommodate the amount of workers you need and in the type of offices they require to work efficiently. It is very simple and can be done in stages or during a holiday period to reduce the down time. This is a far cry from the complete disruption it takes to construct new traditional offices.

All in all, cubicles can be just what a company needs to solve problems on a lot of levels. The best part is that if you purchase used cubicles, you contribute to the environment by recycling. We all want to do that. www.usedofficecubiclesnj.com

Office Cubicles: Where to Start

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As the song says in The Sound of Music: “Let’s start at the very beginning. That’s a very good place to start….”

Office cubicles or workstations, as they are sometimes called, are a growing trend because of their versatility, but they are still somewhat of an acquired taste. If you do not already have cubicles, the first order of business is to ponder how you want your work environment to be for your employees—wide open or with private offices or a combination.

Once you’ve done that and decided that cubicles are for your business in every respect, get right to a professional who specializes in cubicles. It can be a complicated affair. They will be able to tell you how many you can fit and the most comfortable way to situate them for your work staff’s efficiency. That means they’ll do the all-important “Space Planning” for you—a design of your office showing how the cubicles will be set up. It also shows the various sizes and components of the cubicle system which is critical for the installation.

Of course, you should have an idea before you call them of how many employees you need to accommodate in a given space. A professional can help you with that too. They can also help you with choosing the height of the dividing panels based on what your employees do. Is it quiet work? Is it paperwork? Do they need a lot of interaction? All these things will determine how high the panels need to be. A good professional office furniture dealer will ask these essential questions to make sure you get the perfect environment for your industry. In the end, your employees have to work at their top efficiency there.

Some used furniture dealers provide the space planning and design at no charge if you purchase the cubicles from them. Free space planning is a great deal, it helps the furniture dealer know exactly what cubicles and parts to ship and the purchaser does not have to pay extra for design. www.usedofficecubilesnj.com. This is one of the great advantages to buying used cubicles—the money you save on design services that are extras when you purchase “new” product. In addition, it is advisable to have a layout of the space showing the office dimensions, doors, columns, etc. It makes it easier and more efficient for the dealer. They will more than likely send the layout of the furniture they designed in the space back to you with the office furniture pricing in their proposal. This will help you better visualize the end result and the cost.

Once you’ve decided on cubicles and identified a seasoned professional used office furniture dealer, you are well on your way to great savings. www.usedofficefurniturenj.net . The inventory of cubicles out there right now is large, so a dealer who has access to abundant product can connect you with the type of product you need. You do not have to settle.

At one time, used office furniture was sought out most often by start-ups and small companies. However, in these economic hard times, it is not unusual to find some of the larger more well-established companies routinely choosing used office furniture. Used office furniture fits the needs now of a wide range of companies and situations.
If you own or plan to start a small to medium business, you would typically be looking for ways to keep costs under control in certain areas, so that you can allocate a bigger portion of your budget to more critical business needs. Office furnishings is one major area where you can get significant savings—by buying pre-owned product.

The current popularity of used office furniture exists not only because of the current economic conditions, but because the quality is indistinguishable from new. Quality need never be compromised when you buy used product. Companies who have used office furniture as a core business, not as a sideline, understand the business inside-and-out and also have access to the finest product. In fact, these companies generally have very high-end product that is ready for immediate resale. www.usedofficefurniturenj.net. They also have space planners on staff who will work with you to lay out the floor plan for your office and recommend products that will match the specific look and feel that you want. They also can easily help you add to any existing desks, cubicles or waiting room furniture you may already have by recovering chairs or finding product that either matches or coordinates with what you have. The result will be seamless. In addition, these used office furniture sources have access to furniture from major liquidations at fortune 500 companies in New York City day-in-and-day-out where the product is of unmatched quality.

Oftentimes, the professional used office furniture dealers have access to big liquidations and can offer extra savings by selling larger quantities to you. If you plan well ahead of time and know the full extend of your office needs, you can save significantly. That means that in addition to saving money by buying used office furniture, you can get an additional discount by buying a greater amount of furniture. This offering is a general practice for most dealers, but it takes planning and foresight on the part of the wise purchaser.

Clearly, whether you are a start-up or an established business, it is difficult in these economic times. That is why it becomes increasing more important to spend the money you have wisely—by getting the greatest value. For this reason, used office furniture is increasingly the choice for most businesses—no matter the size. It just makes good sense.

Companies buy used office furniture or office cubicles for the cost savings. What they may not be thinking about is that they are also helping in the conservation of our environment in a very substantial way.

Studies show that buying used office furniture reduces the overall amount of waste being deposited in landfills. In fact, recycling just 40 workstations is equivalent to diverting one tractor-trailer load of furniture from a landfill. It is sobering to think that it is estimated that for each pound of natural resources used to improve or repair old furniture so that it can be reused, five to nine pounds of virgin materials are conserved. Clearly, there seems to be few disadvantages to purchasing used office furniture.

It is sad to say that some very big companies simply discard furniture. Not all of the chairs, bookshelves, conference table, sofas, workstations are damaged, defective or broken. The truth is, companies get rid of furniture for a variety of reasons: downsizing, coporate moves (it’s less expensive to liquidate and get some value for the furniture than to move it), modernizing or redecorating.

Whatever the reasons, that is the point at which corporate liquidators purchase the furniture and resell it at a fraction of its original cost (most times a quarter of the original price). When you factor in that most of these companies are some of the most well-known corporate names in the country, the end purchaser can count on getting furniture that is of extremely high quality and condition—most times better than you can buy new.

Most people buying office furniture would find it hard to believe that one of the great advantages to buying used is versatility. Yes, companies can have a great deal of input in how they decorate their offices—much like the options they have with new product. Good quality chairs, (for example: Steelcase, Herman Miller) can be recovered to match color schemes or create new ones. Cubicles can be recovered as well or merely cleaned. In short, offices furnished with used furniture can be indistinguishable from those using new. In addition, many times, liquidation companies have space designers to help with every detail, and the abundance of furniture available means large companies can use these services as well.

The best part of buying used office furniture, of course, is that it’s an overall win—for the environment, for the users, for the economy and for suppliers who also save on labor and manufacturing energy. (The amount of effort and energy required to alter an existing product is 85 percent to 90 percent less than what is needed to manufacture a new product.)

In short, buying used office furniture is not only the smart thing to do—it’s the right thing to do.


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