Every business owner knows that we are in a recession, and the financial markets are changing from day-to-day. And yet, the world of commerce must go forward. Small, mid-size and large businesses continue to require office furnishings for their companies. However, now more than ever, they understand the wisdom of buying smartly. That means getting the very best quality office furniture at the best prices—freeing up the budget for other essential needs.

In this market, that means buying Used Office furniture. If purchased from a dealer that obtains his product from the best companies in the country, purchasers have the advantage of getting furniture that is from the best names in the office furniture world for bargain prices—most times 90% off the original costs. The end user can acquire furniture he or she can be proud, making their offices a showplace. www.usedofficefurniture-nj.com

Blue chip companies offer their furniture to liquidators for a variety of reasons, but not because there is anything wrong with it. Most times these big companies simply want to re-design their offices or they are about to move. In the latter case, they rarely move their furniture because it is too costly, especially in New York. That is when that high-end product becomes available to the used office furniture dealers who purchase it for resale.

Once known as chip-and-dent warehouses, the used office furniture arena is now the opposite. Companies of all sizes seek out the used products because they know it is the best on the market—far superior to the new products that are coming out of China for the same price. Most used office furniture was produced in America—from our most renowned furniture makers. That same fine furniture is now in the used office furniture market, but they are unmatched in quality and elegance. Why buy new?

When you set your mind to buying in the used market, there is one caveat: know the source of your furniture. Every piece of furniture offered used has a “story” attached to it. Ask the dealer the furniture brand and where it came from, and you will know the quality of your purchase. Remember, any reputable dealer has good product at good prices—and in quantity. That means you will be able to outfit entire offices—and get additional bulk discounts for purchasing quantity.

It’s a win situation all around—but most of all, you will have an office from reception and conference areas through individual offices fitted out with elegance, sophistication and style within your company’s budget. www.usedofficefurniture-nj.com

Oh, let’s add one more advantage to buying used: you get to have a GREEN office environment too.


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