Flexibility—therein lies the essence of why cubicles have gained the widespread popularity they have. What company doesn’t want to be able to custom fit its needs for employee comfort and work efficiency into an inviting environment? At the same time, however, every employer also needs to watch the budget and keep costs down. Cubicles or workstations, as they are sometimes called, accomplish both—they make the employer and the employee happy. www.usedofficecubiclesnj.com

If your business has changed—and whose hasn’t been refashioned in some way in today’s economy—you may be “stuck” with a work environment that just doesn’t lend itself to what you do now and how you work. Perhaps you’ve moved into a space that has furniture designed for an entirely different business, making it hard to adapt and function properly.

Clearly, productivity rests on the functionality of the office and the comfort of the employees. Do your employees require quiet for paperwork? Do they need to collaborate to be efficient? Do they rely on privacy? All of these requirements can be met by cubicles because cubicles are completely adjustable to any specific need. Therefore, it is easy to design for your >needs—and also to change things if those needs change. That flexibility is key to the popularity of cubicles.

In addition, because of the simplicity of cubicles, every imaginable set up is possible. If your employee only needs a small desk with a computer and a few shelves and filing trays, this is easily done. (for example real estate offices or call centers.) If some employees need larger office spaces, that can be done too by wrapping cubicle furniture and creating a conference area within a larger, more versatile office space with higher walls.

In addition, it is possible to be completely responsive to the needs of employees with disabilities. That means an employer need not struggle to meet the requirements to accommodate these workers. It eliminates the awkwardness of trying to force these employees to make due with the standard office desk model. A cubicle becomes a custom fit for them and gets rid of the added expense employers once incurred attempting to accommodate disabled workers. In the end, everyone is pleased with the result.

When it comes to overall cost, cubicles win all the way around. The expense of a build-out for a traditional office can be prohibitive. The project usually entails tearing down walls and erecting new ones and a complete office redesign. It can be a massive expenditure of time and money. Cubicles do away with this process almost entirely.

Besides the allure of being much less expensive in general, used office cubicles have walls designed to be disassembled and reassembled quickly and cubicle furniture is easily adjusted. By designing properly, a cubicle professional www.usedofficecubiclesnj.com can make your existing space one that will accommodate the amount of workers you need and in the type of offices they require to work efficiently. It is very simple and can be done in stages or during a holiday period to reduce the down time. This is a far cry from the complete disruption it takes to construct new traditional offices.

All in all, cubicles can be just what a company needs to solve problems on a lot of levels. The best part is that if you purchase used cubicles, you contribute to the environment by recycling. We all want to do that. www.usedofficecubiclesnj.com

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