The first thing anyone notices when he or she walks into a company is the reception area. The second is its conference room. These are the two areas where clients, both new and old, conduct the majority of business: and these are the two areas in any office space that are intended to have the greatest impact.

These areas are the corporate “face” of your company. They speak without words, but convey volumes. This is your firm’s opportunity to give the best possible first impression. It’s the equivalent of what “curb appeal” is to home buying or what a fine wardrobe is to job hunting. It’s the ultimate dress for success. Nothing is more damaging to a company’s image than projecting the wrong message: everyone wants to look successful.

The office you create should convey a unified décor and ambiance, projecting an orderly business environment that is well thought out. This is much like what you want your clients to know about your overall business approach: professional and well thought out. Orderly mental processes beget organized and orderly surroundings. It’s subliminal, but it’s critically important.

Here are some thoughts to ponder:

□ Start by finding a top-notch used office furniture professional: one that is very active in the best office furniture liquidation markets and obtains its product from the best sources. For example, a select few liquidate furniture from fortune 500 companies in New York that spend an extraordinary amount of time making their own reception and conference areas showcases for the same reasons stated here. Those corporate giants buy the very best, so, in turn, you have the opportunity to buy that elite product at one-quarter of the price. The quality and price are unmatched and the furniture is ready to be moved right into your space, untouched. That means, know what you are buying and it will be a win-win proposition.

□ Most professional used office furniture people have available the service of a space planner or designer at no cost or at very little cost. The results you achieve from getting this kind of expert advice can not be overestimated. You will get the office you’ve always wanted: one for which you can be proud. In addition, besides being attractive, your office will be functional and efficient.

□ If you put emphasis on these two up-front office areas and keep them close to each other, you won’t have to drag clients through everyone’s work areas to get to where client meetings take place. If you don’t have to do that, you can have a more utilitarian approach to the rest of the office space that the public doesn’t see. You can use the rest of your space as a back-office area and save a great deal of money overall in your decorating costs.

In the final analysis, it demonstrates corporate wisdom to put particular emphasis on the reception and conference room areas of any company. It is also wise and prudent to obtain office furnishings from the best used office furniture sources at the best cost.


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