Office Cubicles: Where to Start

On June 28, 2011, in Cubicles, Used Office Furniture, by Judy Carr

As the song says in The Sound of Music: “Let’s start at the very beginning. That’s a very good place to start….”

Office cubicles or workstations, as they are sometimes called, are a growing trend because of their versatility, but they are still somewhat of an acquired taste. If you do not already have cubicles, the first order of business is to ponder how you want your work environment to be for your employees—wide open or with private offices or a combination.

Once you’ve done that and decided that cubicles are for your business in every respect, get right to a professional who specializes in cubicles. It can be a complicated affair. They will be able to tell you how many you can fit and the most comfortable way to situate them for your work staff’s efficiency. That means they’ll do the all-important “Space Planning” for you—a design of your office showing how the cubicles will be set up. It also shows the various sizes and components of the cubicle system which is critical for the installation.

Of course, you should have an idea before you call them of how many employees you need to accommodate in a given space. A professional can help you with that too. They can also help you with choosing the height of the dividing panels based on what your employees do. Is it quiet work? Is it paperwork? Do they need a lot of interaction? All these things will determine how high the panels need to be. A good professional office furniture dealer will ask these essential questions to make sure you get the perfect environment for your industry. In the end, your employees have to work at their top efficiency there.

Some used furniture dealers provide the space planning and design at no charge if you purchase the cubicles from them. Free space planning is a great deal, it helps the furniture dealer know exactly what cubicles and parts to ship and the purchaser does not have to pay extra for design. This is one of the great advantages to buying used cubicles—the money you save on design services that are extras when you purchase “new” product. In addition, it is advisable to have a layout of the space showing the office dimensions, doors, columns, etc. It makes it easier and more efficient for the dealer. They will more than likely send the layout of the furniture they designed in the space back to you with the office furniture pricing in their proposal. This will help you better visualize the end result and the cost.

Once you’ve decided on cubicles and identified a seasoned professional used office furniture dealer, you are well on your way to great savings. . The inventory of cubicles out there right now is large, so a dealer who has access to abundant product can connect you with the type of product you need. You do not have to settle.

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